Dr. Romeatrius Moss

Founder, President and CEO

Born with a passion to serve others, Dr. Romeatrius Nicole Moss is an award winning, philanthropist, community advocate, and International speaker. While maintaining a successful career as an active duty Air Force Nurse, currently holding the rank of Major, she is also a successful entrepreneur, owning several businesses, including RNM Marketing and Public Relations, RNM Consulting, Moss Healthcare and Staffing, Wellspring Clinic, Moss Vacation Properties and Rentals, and founder of Black Nurses Rock.

In the military, she has held a variety of positions including staff nurse, clinical nurse, nurse manager, element leader, disease manager, flight commander, health care integrator, and sickle cell nurse coordinator. Dr. Romeatrius Moss is the founder and past Executive Director for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Black Nurse Association Inc., whose mission is to decrease health disparities by providing a forum for collective action by nurses to assess, define, and advocate healthcare needs of the coastal community through innovative education, cultural competent outreach programs and services. She is also, the Founder and past Unit Director for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Medical Reserve Corps, whose mission is to serve and prepare the community for natural disasters and/or emergencies, where there are currently 300 active members that are highly community service focused. She is the President and CEO of RNM Marketing, a full-service public relations and strategic communications consulting firm who currently have local, state and national accounts. With a focus on health promotion and disease prevention, RNM Marketing works with agencies and community based organizations to provide services that promote awareness of chronic disease management and prevention in underserved populations. Her team works as experts to deliver integrated, effective, professional, and beautiful messaging to the targeted audiences. She is currently the Principal Investigator or consultant for several grants and projects. The programs and projects Dr. Moss have led are countless, she is a sought after project leader, and currently serves on 5 advisory boards.

Dr. Moss served as the District IX coalition leader for Mississippians Mobilizing against Diabetes, appointed by the Mississippi State Department of Health; she looked at infrastructure for diabetes assessment, intervention, and evaluation activities at the local level. While serving on this coalition, she started a Congregational Health Nurse Ministry and obtained funding to train and certify 6 nurses in Congregational Health Ministries, she wrote a grant that provided office supplies/equipment and medical screening tools for those six coastal nurses to start health ministries within their prospective churches. She created a coastwide AIDS/HIV awareness campaign using billboard marketing to reach residents that received national attention. Dr. Moss most remarkable contribution to nursing is her role as Executive Producer for two educational videos that featured Prematurity in Black Infants, and Domestic Violence influence in Children. In the last 10 years, Dr. Moss have garnered over 1 million dollars in grants and resources for organizations she has directed.

Dr. Moss has the unique ability to inspire and encourage health care professionals to take ownership of their community and use their skills and knowledge to combat the gap in health care disparities. Dr. Moss has inspired and mentored over 50,000 nurses and reached over 200,000 residents with programs such as Fire Safety Canvassing Projects during MLK week that receive extensive media coverage. Dr. Moss has created hundreds of health focused programs and projects over the last 15 years, to include Active Shooter Program for Preschoolers, Health Ambassador Program, Diabetes Prevention Program, Underage Drinking, SIDS Awareness, HIV/AIDS Awareness, etc. Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Dr. Moss began her work with non-profits at the age of 15, serving as the youngest board member for United Way of Greater Chattanooga through Girls Incorporated, an organization she credits for helping her become Strong, Smart, Bold.

She is the leading expert for health professional branding, resumes writing workshops, mentorship programs, scholarship essay writing, portfolio development, board development sessions, leadership workshops, and journal clubs. She has won numerous awards and accolades, including National awards such as the Cabot Celebrity Volunteer Award, NBNA Community Nurses of the Year, Cherokee Inspired Comfort Nurse Award, NBNA Trailblazer Award, and Nursing Excellence GEM Award (Nurse.com) – Florida Region.

She is known for her strong work ethic, action oriented, excellence driven, and ability to think outside the box. In 2014 Dr. Moss put her vision into action to create an international organization for black nurses and began creating the framework and strategic plan for Black Nurses Rock. She wanted to create a place where nurses could connect, mentor, motivate, inspire, and grow together.

Romeatrius Moss obtained the following degrees; B.S in nursing from Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, a Masters in Nursing in Community Public Health Nursing Administration from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, and completed the doctorate of nursing practice at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a Board Certified Advanced Public Health Nurse.

Dr. Romeatrius Moss is married to Meko Moss and have three children, Meko, Mario, and Melo. She currently resides in Enid, Oklahoma.