As a member of Black Nurses Rock, you receive Continuing Education Courses at $25 a year to help you learn the latest technology, maintain your license and advance your career. Required Annual Training will be provided and assigned through BNR University.

What CE/CME courses are available?

There are hundreds of courses for both primary care and ancillary disciplines in the online library. At least 15 new courses are added monthly.

Who provides the courses?

The courses are produced by, a premier distance learning provider and are distributed online by BNR University.

Who should participate?

Courses are available for primary care disciplines including: EMS, Nursing, Nurse Aide, Physician, and Psychology.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes, all accredited courses are approved by state and national agencies. A detailed list of accrediting agencies is provided on the reverse side of this page. General Staff Education and Patient Education courses are non-accredited.

How much CE/CME credit will I receive?

For accredited disciplines, most courses offer 1 hour. Most Nursing and EMS courses offer 1.5 hours of CE and Dental courses are between 2 and 4 credit hours. Many courses are also cross-accredited. Ancillary courses are not accredited, but offer a Certificate of Participation.

How do I get started?

Before viewing the courses online, you must be registered with BNR University. Registration is $25 for paid BNR members and $150 for non-members. You will need to know your personal login information to access the courses online at You will be emailed this information directly upon completion of registration. You will have access for 12 months.


What equipment do I need?

You need a Windows-based or Macintosh computer with sound and a minimum Internet connection of 56K.

How do I find a course I need?

All of the courses are found online at (website address) under the discipline in which each course was accredited.

How do I view the courses?

In addition to viewing the courses, many courses offer an audio recording (helpful for computers with lower-speed Internet connections) as well as manuscripts.

How do I receive my certificate?

After participating in the courses, take the test online, and complete a required Opinion Based Evaluation. After passing with a grade of at least 80%, you may print your certificate.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Contact information

Contact: BNR University at (844) 267-7665 or
Swank HealthCare at 1-800-950-4248



Course Title Expiration Date Course Number Credits
Adolescent Suicide 9/30/17 90715 1
AIDS-Related Stigma in the Community/HIV/AIDS-Related Mood Disorders 8/31/16 90814 1
Child Abuse: Trauma/PTSD Part 1 9/30/16 90115 0
Child Abuse: Trauma/PTSD Part 2 9/30/16 90215 2
Dating Violence 5/31/16 90614 1
Equine Therapy 1/31/17 90415 1
Experiential Therapy 10/31/16 91014 1
Expressive Art Therapy 6/30/17 90515 1
Facilitating an Adventure Therapy Challenge Course 12/31/16 90315 1
Food and Body-Related Disorders 11/30/17 91215 1
Introduction to Adventure Therapy 11/30/16 91114 1
Next Exit: Aging Out of Foster Care 3/31/16 90514 1
Parent Effectiveness Training 8/31/17 90615 1
PTSD: Diagnostic Issues and Management 1/31/18 90316 1
Suicide Prevention and Veterans 7/31/16 90714 1