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 Student Nurse Military Nurse Community Nurse Celebrity Nurse Retired Nurse Educator Nurse Entrepreneur Nurse Professional Nurse

Professional Nurse – LPN/RN exhibits excellent clinical skills, mentors students/staff, serves on work-related professional activities, problem-solves, innovates patient care and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration.

Celebrity Nurse – Speaks at 10 or more events yearly promoting health in community, local or nationally. Community engaging, dynamic speaker and presenter.

Community Nurse - Nurse is recognized as a community leader in health-related activities, leads health-related community projects, problem solves/innovates community based care, provides care over life continuum.

Retired Nurse - Nurse has successful completed over 20 years or more of services and is still inspired to give back, promote healthy living, mentoring younger nurses, and/or making a difference in her community.

Military Nurse – Active Duty/Reserve Military Nurse who performs above peers, excels in community service, and is a leader in their community.

Education Nurse - Nurse is employed as an experienced faculty in a nursing program or as an experience nurse educator/clinical nurse specialist in a clinical setting, is recognized as an excellent teacher motivating students to become better nurses, leaders, and future educators.

Student Nurse – Non licensed student nurse, excels academically, involved in community service, and demonstrates potential to become an amazing nurse.

Entrepreneur Nurse - Nurse owns a successful healthcare-related business, serving their community, preceptor or mentor to other nurses.


Summary: Please include a summary of no more than 500 words of the way the nurse demonstrates and exhibits the behaviors that define the category in which they are nominated.